Pro Cable System

Integrated Power & Signal Indoor/Outdoor Cable

Wiring both a power cable and a control signal cable separately is twice the work and twice the mess. We have listened to feedback from top professionals in the lighting world and have created a new cabling system which combines low voltage power and DMX signal on a single cable. This new modular cable system is suitable for outdoor installation and features locking connectors for easy and secure installation. Pro Cable connectors are sealed water-tight and securely lock together for either temporary or permanent installations in both indoor and outdoor environments. Fixtures with Pro Cable connectors are compatible with Pro Cable G8 Distribution Boxes (home run layout) and T Connectors (daisy chain layout).

For complete information please check the following link: Pro Cable System Information

Product Details

Product Part Number
G8 Distribution Box – Outdoor Field Install GP002
G8 Distribution Box – Indoor Plug and Play GP003
Product Part Number
2m Trunk Bare Wire Adapter Cable CB137
T Connector with Integrated Repeater CB124
Trunk Terminator (male) CB105
2m Trunk Extension Cable CB120
5m Trunk Extension Cable CB121
15m Trunk Extension Cable CB122
Product Part Number
1m Branch Extension Cable CB139
2m Branch Extension Cable CB130
5m Branch Extension Cable CB131
Product Part Number
2m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable CB138
5m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable CB132
15m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable CB133
30m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable CB134
Product Part Number
Go Cable Fixture to Pro Cable Adapter CB106
Pro Cable Programming Adapter CB107