GoCable Signal

Gantom GoCable makes wiring Gantom fixtures fast and easy. Various lengths of extensions and splitters make placing any connection exactly where you need it a simple task. Extra-tight connector fit and heavy duty reinforced materials mean your connections stay exactly where you want them. For a premium indoor wiring experience choose Gantom GoCables!

*For dry environments only. For outdoor use please use Gantom Pro Cable.


  • 18AWG heavy duty connectors
  • Extra tight 3.5mm TRS connectors for strong connections
  • Shielded
  • Easy to use


Gauge 18AWG
Conductor 3 Conductor
Connection 3.5mm TRS jack


Product Details

Part Number Description
CB33 Indoor DMX 2 Meter TRS Extension
CB34 Indoor DMX 5 Meter TRS Extension
CB44 Indoor DMX In and Thru TRS Extension
CB51 XLR to TRS Adapter
CB52 XLR In and Thru to TRS Adapter
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