Gantom iQ – World’s Smallest Gobo Projector with Zoom and Focus

The Gantom iQ is the world’s smallest gobo projector with zoom and focus for professional lighting applications. Using LED technology and special optics, the Gantom iQ can render bright and sharp images from a variety of gobo materials including film, metal, or glass. This fixture opens up a vast new dimension of creative lighting possibilities […]

Gantom DMX – Versatile Light for Professional Applications

Available in spotlight and floodlight, the Gantom DMX is a 4W color controllable LED light for professional applications.  Featuring a non-linear dimming curve, the Gantom DMX can be dimmed with high precision even at the lowest intensity levels. Homogeneous optics smoothly blends the colors of the internal quad chip LED producing a clean projected field […]

Precision Alpha – “Bye Bye Birdie”

“Bye Bye Birdie” is the slogan for the Precision Alpha, a compact pinspot with comparable output to PAR16 “Birdies” at a fraction of the size and power consumption. The Precision Alpha is an ultra-compact LED pinspot designed for space constrained applications. This point source luminaire gives the user an endless selection of colors and beam […]