We welcome Cross Light Inc. as the latest independent manufacturer’s rep to represent Darklight.

Cross Light serves the Architectural & Entertainment Lighting, Automated Rigging, and Controls community in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. For 10 years Cross Light has provided service and support for: Architectural Systems, Theaters, Performing Arts Centers, Museums, Stadiums, Television Studios, Universities, High Schools, Theaters and many more including custom applications. Check out our “portfolio” page for a short list of some of the over 500 projects we have provided equipment and services for.

Cross Light is not simply a manufacturer’s representative. It is a full service firm that also provides on site assistance to contractors, factory authorized field service (even for our competitor’s products), and collaborates with Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Lighting Designers, Interior Designers, and Dealers.

For more information, please visit the Cross Light website.