Gantom DMX V2

4W DMX Spotlight

The Gantom DMX V2 is a 4W color controllable LED spotlight for professional applications. Featuring a non-linear dimming curve, the Gantom DMX V2 can be dimmed with high precision even at the lowest intensity levels. Homogeneous optics smoothly blend the colors of the internal quad chip LED producing a clean projected field without the “halos” seen in many other color mixing fixtures. High frequency hybrid modulation allows the Gantom DMX V2 to be used in video
applications with minimal on-camera flickering. The Gantom DMX V2 can even be battery powered for portable applications, perfect for event lighting where access to power and signal is inconvenient. The Gantom DMX V2 is configured using our DMX Programmer app, available free for Apple and Android devices.


  • Homogenous narrow beam optics
    – Available in RGBW or dynamic white options
    – TM-30 P1/F2 rating on dynamic white fixture
    – Non-linear dimming curve for smooth fading
    – Dims to 0.05%
    – Constant intensity algorithm for any color
    – Minimized on-camera flicker
    – Integrated DMX receiver
    – Integrated quad channel constant current driver
    – Pro Cable connector


  • Themed entertainment (dark rides, Halloween attractions, bars, nightclubs, casinos)
  • Theater and stage accent lighting
  • Mobile displays
  • Floral centerpieces
  • Retail spaces
  • Architectural accent lighting
  • General purpose accent lighting
  • Props and animatronics
  • Special effects lighting
  • Temporary event lighting




Color Temperature


DMX Channels


Cable Options

Power and Data integrated into a single sealed locking connector

Color Temperature6500K
DMX Channels4
Cable OptionsPower and Data integrated into a single sealed locking connector
Max Wattage4.8W
LED Wattage4 x 1W
Input Voltage9-24VDC (12VDC nominal)
Current Draw< 400mA @ 12VDC
Power SupplyFor use with class 2 regulated switching power supply
Beam Angle19 degrees
Field Angle38 degrees
Ingress ProtectionIP65
LEDCree XLamp MC-E
CertificationsUL and CE
Connector Options

Gantom Pro Cable Connector

Waterproof locking connector which combines both power and DMX signal in a single cable


Beam / Field Angle

1m Illuminance (3.3ft)

2m Illuminance (6.6ft)

3m Illuminance (9.8ft)

DW Beam / Field Angle
Bare Optics

 23° / 44°

1400 lx (130 fc)

360 lx (33fc)

160 lx (15 fc)

DW Beam / Field Angle
Narrow Diffuser – 1 Notch – (C-HE10)

 24° x 46°

900 lx (84 fc)

263 lx (24 fc)

115 lx (11 fc)

DW Beam / Field Angle
Medium Diffuser – 2 Notch – (C-HE30)

 34° x 63°

460 lx (43 fc)

125 lx (12 fc)

55 lx (5 fc)

DW Beam / Field Angle
Wide Diffuser – 3 Notch – (C-HE80)

55° x 99°

114 lx (11 fc)

35 lx (3 fc)

16 lx (1 fc)

DW Beam / Field Angle
Assymetric Diffuser – U Notch

30° / 50° short axis
46° / 77° long axis

315 lx (29 fc)

83 lx (8 fc)

36 lx (3 fc)


Preference Fidelity Priority





Ra (CRI)






93 95






93 92






92 93
Distance Center Beam lux (fc) Beam Width
1.0m (3.3ft) 930lx (47.4fc) 0.3m (1.1ft)
2.0m (6.6ft) 245lx (22.8fc) 0.7m (2.2ft)
3.0m (9.8ft) 105lx (9.8fc) 1.0m (3.3ft)
Channel Description

Ch 1 – Red

Controls red channel

Ch 2 – Green

Controls green channel

Ch 3 – Blue

Controls blue channel

Ch 4 – White

Controls white channel
Channel Description

Ch 1 – Cool White

Controls cool white channel

Ch 2 – Warm White

Controls warm white channel