Today, we welcome Alios Entertainment & Architectural Lighting as the latest firm signed on to represent Darklight. Alios will provide local support for Clark County in Nevada, which includes Las Vegas. We feel that Alios’ geography and specialty will provide a prosperous channel to help advance our sales into many Las Vegas applications such as casinos, restaurants, shows, and other entertainment venues.

About Alios
Alios is a specialized lighting agency with a focus on lighting systems and the integration of contemporary fixtures and interesting solutions to lighting projects serving the Las Vegas area. Alios does not simply see lighting products as providing illumination; but as one of the materials in the creation of the art of light and in the promotion of good design.

We encourage you to contact one of our many representatives to get more specific information about system integration, specifications, pricing, and local support.

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Las Vegas, NV , 89104 USA
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