Dear Friends,

Gantom has experienced tremendous milestones over the past few years. As Gantom continues to grow, I am challenged everyday to adapt, to lead, and to foster a company culture reflective of my ideals. We’ve had great success in hiring talented individuals to meet our new challenges, and I’m proud of every Gantom employee; I’m proud of their resourcefulness, of their adaptability, and of their commitment to our culture. Today we are announcing the addition of a new team member: Philip Hernandez.

Philip joins Gantom as our Business Relations Director, and due to the myriad of opportunities our young company has, his role will be multi-faceted. Gantom’s Halloween and attractions endeavors will be shifted to Philip, allowing us to expand into other markets. Philip will also be spearheading the expansion of our Torch Technology, fostering new business partnerships, and maintaining the operation is his media outlet: The Haunted Attraction Network.

Philip’s role at Gantom will be instrumental in helping us form new partnerships with both our customers and vendors and help us become an integrated part of the themed entertainment community. His multi-faceted background will give us the creative edge we need in a rapidly changing market environment.

I created Gantom to help people and I believe we accomplish this for not only our customers but also for our employees. We support the passion of our staff and encourage them to develop their projects. Philip has grown The Haunted Attraction Network into one of the industry’s largest global media agencies (encompassing a print magazine, podcasts, and web properties) to help the industry achieve more. Gantom is honored to support and expand these efforts by bringing the Network in under the Gantom flag. Philip will continue to have full editorial control and to operate The Haunted Attraction Network and their many platforms utilizing his current staff. Our hearts and roots remain in the Haunted Attraction space and we will continue to contribute to it as an industry leader.

Thank you
Quan Gan
Gantom Lighting & Controls