PowerPak Max

24VDC 200W Indoor/Outdoor Power Supply

PowerPack Max

The PowerPak Max 24VDC power supply provides the maximum recommended power for a wiring system for Gantom light fixtures. Operating at 24VDC instead of 12VDC helps reduce the voltage drop in the wires, allowing you to extend your cable runs much further.

This power supply is capable of providing power to up to 32 of our 4.8W Gantom DMX fixtures. The maximum number of fixtures that can be powered on a system is dependent on the total length of cable in the system. Please reference the Pro Cable system guidelines for more information.

This power supply has a durable metal housing and is rated IP67 for outdoor installation.


  • Input Connector: Bare Wires (hot, neutral, ground)
  • Power Input: 100-305VAC 47~63Hz
  • Output Connector: Bare Wires ( + and – )
  • Power Output: Constant Voltage 24VDC 8.33A / 200W
  • Durable metal housing
  • UL, CE, RoHS certified



Part # PP35
Item Description PowerPak Max 24VDC
Output Specifications
DC Voltage 24VDC
Rated Current 8.33A
Current Range 0~8.33A
Rated Power 200W
Ripple & Noise (max) 200mV
Voltage Tolerance plus/minus 2%
Setup Rise Time

500ms, 100ms/230VAC, 1000ms, 100ms/115VAC

Hold Up Time (Typ.)

10ms/ 230VAC 10ms/ 115VAC

Output Connector

Bare Wires

Input Specifications

Voltage Range

100 ~ 305VAC

Frequency Range

47 ~ 63Hz

Power Factor (Typ.)

PF> 0.97/115VAC, PF> 0.95/230VAC, PF> 0.92/277VAC@full load

Efficiency (Typ.) >92%
AC Current (Typ.)

1.8A / 115VAC 1.2A / 230VAC 1.0A/277VAC

Inrush Curent (Typ.)

COLD START 60A(twidth=510?s measured at 50% Ipeak) at 230VAC

Power Input Connector Bare Wires
DMX Input Connector XLR5 Male Connector



245x71x38mm (L x W x H)


.1.3Kg (2.87lb)

Material Metal Housing

Safety and EMC Specifications

Safety Standards


Withstand Voltage


EMC Test Standards


EN61000-3-2 Class C (@load? 50%) ;



EAC TP TC 020;

KC KN15,KN61547

Environment Specifications

Working Temperature -30~+55? (Refer to output load)
Working Environment Meant for Indoor or Outdoor Installation
Storage Temperature, Humidity -40~+80? ,10~99%RH

Protection Specifications

Short Circuit Protection Type: recovers automatically after condition is removed
Overload Overload protected@113-160% above peak reating
Over temperature Protection Type: Shut down o/p voltage,re-power on to remove