GP002 - G8 Distribution Box

Indoor/Outdoor Field Install Power and DMX distribution box

The GP002 model was designed for permanent installations and allows you to trim the cables to perfectly fit your application. This box accepts 12-24VDC and DMX signal and distributes this out to up to 8 Gantom light fixtures. The box features glanded cable entry ports for each input and output cables. The board inside the box has screw terminal blocks for wiring all inputs and outputs.
Each Gantom light fixture with a Pro Cable Connector can be wired back to this distribution box with a Pro Cable Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable, which is available in 15cm, 2m, 5m,15m, or 30m lengths and can be trimmed down in the field.

Product Details

DC Voltage12-24VDC
Rated Current5A TOTAL MAX
Power Input Connector2 pin screw terminal block
DMX Signal Input Connector3 pin screw terminal block

DMX Signal Thru Connector3 pin screw terminal block
Fixture Output Connector5 pin screw terminal block
Number of Fixture Outputs8
Maximum Amperage on each Fixture Output1.0 A
Maximum total Amperage Output5.0 A
DMX Isolationeach output has an individual actively repeated DMX signal

Dimensions204x185x92mm (L x W x H)
Weight0.72Kg (1.59lb)
MaterialABS Plastic

Working Temperature-30~+55°C
Working EnvironmentIP65, Meant for Indoor or Outdoor use
Storage Temperature, Humidity-40~+80°C ,10~99%RH

Power Supply Warranty2 years
Compatible Cables
2m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable
5m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable
15m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable
30m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable