What voltage does your LED fixtures run on?

12V DC is the standard voltage we use for all of our products, however because most of our LED products have internal drivers, you can go as low as 9V and up to 15V and achieve the same output. We can also custom make devices that are compatible with other voltages.

What is the lifetime of your LED fixtures?

All of our LED fixtures are all rated for over 50,000 hours. Our LED fixtures have internal regulators and are thermally engineered to ensure optimal operating conditions for the internal LED, thus prolonging the lifespan of our fixtures.

How far can your fixtures project?

This depends largely on the ambient lighting conditions. In the dark, some of our high power fixtures such as the Precision Z Spot can illuminate as far as 100ft. In most cases, our fixtures are designed for applications within 15ft of range.

Can I power your fixtures from a battery?

Yes! Any 12V battery will be able to power our devices, we even have a battery solution called the PowerPak Portable.

How many hours can I run your fixtures off of a battery?

This depends on the type of battery. In order to calculate the battery run-time, one needs to know the battery’s capacity (in mAh) and the current draw of the LED fixture being attached. A typical 9V battery can power the Precision Z or Precision Alpha for about 3 hours. A 9V lithium battery can double those numbers. Using Alkaline 8 x AA batteries, one can achieve approximately 2000mAh at 12V,  which can power a Precision Z (125mA) for about 16 hours.

Can I use your LED fixtures outdoors?

Yes! All of our LED luminaires are rated for indoor and outdoor use (IP65 and above), we even have submersible fixtures.

What type of LEDs do you use?

All of our fixtures use name brand LEDs from the leading manufacturers (such as Cree, Lumileds, Nichia, and Edison to name a few), the LEDs we choose depend entirely on the type of fixture and available optics. Only the perfect pairing of optics and LED can achieve the desire output.

How far can I run wires to the fixtures?

Typically one can run 18 gauge wire several hundred feet to connect to our fixtures without worrying about voltage drop. Since most of our fixtures have internal regulators to compensate for varying input voltage, the voltage drop over a long distance should not affect the brightness of the fixture. However, if a significant number of fixtures are running from the same wire, we recommend using lower gauge (thicker) wire to allow for more current to flow.

How can I see your products in person?

Gantom exhibits several times a year throughout the country (and soon overseas as well), we welcome you to visit us at any of the trade shows at which we exhibit. We are also setting up dealerships and representatives in many major markets, they will have our products ready for demo.

Are your LED fixtures dimmable?

Yes! All of our LED fixtures are designed to either dim with a PWM input or DMX control signal.

You have almost what I need, can you _____?

Yes, as a manufacturer, we have the ability to custom build devices to our customers’ specifications.

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